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upgrading from ltsr 7.15 to 719


Hi all

we are running on xenapp LTSR 715 on windows 2008 R2. Since 2008 R2 support has come to an end, we are planing on upgrading to server 2016  and virtual app 719.

we also use  pvs and the environment is streamed. is there a way to upgrade to the new version while still using the same master image as we don't want users to loss any of their current settings?




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to confirm... you're running XenApp 7.15

Your Infrastructure (StoreFront, Delivery controllers, PvS Servers, etc) are running on Server 2008 R2

You XenApp servers are streamed from PvS and also running Server 2008 R2

You want to upgrade everything to Server 2016, including the Streamed XenApp servers?


Upgrading the infrastructure stuff is pretty straightforward

Upgrading the streamed XenApp hosts would be tricky. Never tried an in-place upgrade of a streamed host... don't think it's possible.

I would recommend creating a new gold image, then reinstalling the applications.


final question is profiles. You will need to migrate the profiles from Server 2008 R2 to Server 2016, but that will depend on what type of profiles you're using - Local, roaming, UPM, hybrid, FSLogix, etc


If you're asking for step by step instructions, that would be a bit long-winded for a support forum like this. If you're not comfortable doing it, I would recommend getting a Citrix consultant in to assist you.




Ken Z

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