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Netscaler MAS Nitro API unable to retrieve ICA statistics

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Dear all,


i'm trying to make a script to collect ICA session statistics from a netscaler MAS (ADM)

The following URL works fine  (in order to test my credentials and the connectivity with the API...)


https://<netscaler MAS IP>/nitro/v1/config/mps_health


but if I try the following objects






described here 



It returns always an empty array for the "interesting" value.  


    "errorcode": 0,
    "message": "Done",
    "operation": "get",
    "resourceType": "ica_user",
    "username": "xxxxxxxxxx",
    "tenant_name": "Owner",
    "tenant_id": "9cc8a8c5-d0d8-4146-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx",
    "resourceName": "",
    "ica_user": []


thanks in advance



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