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MCS on hyper-v and storage dilema

Anup Gandhi



I have a WIndows 2019 server environment comprising of both hyper-v (2016) and vmware. Our VDAs (1912 LTSR)all run on hyper-v and all the infrastructure servers on vmware.  I have a working MCS environment, but it runs on storage local to the hosts on hyper-v.  Our hyper-v environment does not have any shared storage available to them.  My MCS environment will only spin up VDA servers, there will be no VDIs.  I have to now think about having a shared storage configured  for the MCS deployment as number of hosts are going to grow and its no longer feasible to maintain local host storage for my environment.


Can someone please suggest me the best way to do this?  Initially I was thinking of  creating a NFS share on a windows vm running on vmware and present it to hyper-v, but I read somewhere that hyper-v does not support NFS. Is that true? any documentation available as to how I can accomplish this.


P.S. - PVS is not a possibility.



Anup Gandhi

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when setting up a catalog for MCS, you need to specify the location of the storage. Now with local storage on the hypervisors (after setting up a Hosting connection and resources) you can specify that, but there's no way (I know of) of specifying an SMB share when setting up a storage resource, so I would say it's not possible. 


You can use a File server, configure it as an iSCSI target, then configure the hypervisors to mount the iSCSI disk  (poor man's iSCSI SAN), so you'll get an iSCSI block device mounted that way, but you'll still need fail-over cluster manager... If doing that, I'd use SSD disks in the file server, and decent network cards/switches.


see http://www.virtualizationblog.com/configuring-windows-server-2016-as-iscsi-server/





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