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NS12.0 63.13.nc Unable to modify Bookmarks or unbind bookmarks from VS

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Hi All,


I'm having an issue with an NS ADC (VPX) that I'm not sure what else I can do.


Originally the NS was v12.0 57.24, and I created two new bookmarks that would be accessed via the Clientless Option. In creating the bookmarks I realized I forgot to select an option. Now, when I attempt to modify those bookmarks it does modify them. Instead I get the spinning wheel in the browser and it never completes. In addition, if I attempt to unbind the bookmarks from the VS, it shows the message "Deleting VPN Virtual Server to VPN URL Binding..." but never unbinds the bookmark. 


I don't get any errors of any any kind, so not sure what is happening. In my attempts to resolve the issue, I first thought a reboot would correct the issue. This did not. I then thought, perhaps an upgrade of the firmware, so I updated to version 12.0-63.13.nc. This still has not resolved the issue.


I'm not sure what else I can do or look at.


Does anyone have of any ideas?


Thank you to anyone willing to respond to my question.



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Try unbinding/removing the bookmarks from the cli instead.

If that doesn't work, you can remove the lines from the saved config (but backup first and have a recovery option).  But this is more drastic and we might try other things first.

But it might be an issue with your portal theme...might change to default theme and see if you can remove the bookmarks from gui or cli and then work on restoring portal theme. 

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I had to grab an ADC to remember that bookmarks are vpn url object from the cli... :)


If you search for the config like so: (replace <bookmark> with your bookmark name)

show ns runningconfig | grep "vpn url" -i   # the actual entity category for "bookmarks", so you can see all entity names you created

show ns runningconfig | grep <bookmark name> -i   # then look up the entity name to see where all it is in use....for each bookmark you care about


You will then see a command of a bookmark, possibly bound to vservers or groups. We would have to unbind before you can delete:


add vpn url web_demo "Demo URL" "http://webdemo.domain.com"

add vpn url web_demo2 "Demo URL" "http://webdemo2.domain.com"

bind vpn vserver vpn_vsrv_gateway -urlName web_demo

bind aaa group DemoUsers -urlName web_demo2


So you can do the inverse commands to unbind:  (note your bindings, if you need to restore this later)

unbind vpn vserver vpn_vsrv_gateway -urlName web_demo

unbind aaa group DemoUsers -urlName web_demo2


To delete:

rm vpn url <bookmark name>

rm vpn url web_demo

rm vpn url  web_demo2


For future reference:

For the cli, useful commands to navigate the built in help.  Grep is a search; -i makes it case-insensitive:

help -all    #shows all commands

help -all | grep "add .* vserver" -i  #shows all commands with add <something> vserver

help -all | grep ".* lb vserver" -i # shows all command verbs you can use with "lb vserver": show, add, rm, bind, unbind, set, unset....

help -all | grep "vpn url" -i  # show all commands for bookmark which isn't called that in cli


help add lb vserver

help rm lb vserver

help add vpn url


Would give you short help. man commands will give you full help context.

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Thank you very much these commands were spot on!


Using the CLI I was able to unbind and remove the bookmarks with no problem.


Now I just need to resolve why the Web Interface is not working to unbind or modify the bookmarks. Perhaps it is the portal theme as you mentioned. I will start there.


Thanks for the assistance, much appreciated.

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For that, you might want to engage support because if it is a product bug they might have a fix or need to know about it or a new firmware does fix it.   This is 12.0, so who knows.

Also, check browser version such as chrome vs. other as that might be a difference in experience beyond the portal theme.

Didn't dig into those causes  the first time as we just needed to see if cli would fix it or not.  Good luck though.

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I agree, I did however previously test using different browsers to be sure it wasn't a browser related issue. I don't think I mentioned that in my original post. 


However, that was one of the first troubleshooting steps I first performed.


I'll definitely be reaching out to support, and if I can get a fix for this issue certainly post back so others have an answer here.


Thanks again for your assistance. Stay Healthy! :)

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