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Citrix App Layering 2003 with VDA 1912, Microsoft windows 10 1909; issue is search bar  keyboard and start menu keyboard is not working...


Dear All,


We are using Citrix App Layering 2003 with VDA 1912, Microsoft windows 10 1909; OS layer, Platform layer with Apps layer after Master image Publishing Keyboard is working fine in the search bar and start menu keyboard inputs. 


Once we deployed the same master image with Citrix MCS services the VDI are fine with the registration and end user access.. 


The major issue is search bar  keyboard and start menu keyboard is not working..... If we run this command everything is working fine ( c:\windows\system32\ctfmon.exe ).  If we remove the App layering optimization and Citrix optimization everything working fine.


I would like to know here my App layering optimization nor Citrix optimization which one is creating issue  this issue. 


Any buddy  have faced this same issue i am working with Citrix and Microsoft  support team last two weeks no luck... 






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Dear mshirtc635, 


Thank you very much for your reply. I was busy with citrix support case for other issues, This one i resolved it on April 02 2020. 


Anyway thanks a lot for your time and support. 






Windows 10 support

Windows 10 upgrades require a 60-GB disk for the OS layer version: When you add a version to the Windows 10 OS layer, change the maximum layer size from 30 GB to 60 GB. (UNI-52422)

Upgrading requires extra steps when going to a new Windows 10 major release: During the upgrade, Windows 10 can create a recovery volume on the same disk as the OS layer version. Always delete this volume before you finalize the OS layer version. Otherwise, the recovery volume can cause desktops to fail to start correctly. For more information, see App Layering: Windows 10 upgrade can result in new recovery volume partition.

To use Windows Server 2012 Store apps when running the OS Optimization script, turn on Windows Updates to enable the Store apps. (UNI-67195)

The Windows 10, v1909 Pro edition Search option (on the Start menu) does not work as expected. To avoid or resolve this issue, add a new version to the OS layer, and open the c:\windows\setup\scripts\Optimizations.cmd file for editing. Deselect Disable tablet input service (Section 6, Option M), run the Optimizations.cmd script, and finalize the new OS layer version.




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