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vPrefer 1912 and AppV

Stan Svetec



I deliver all my apps into XenApp 6.5 with AppV and I expect to do the same with my 1912 LTSR build.  How can I have vPrefer working correctly with AppV apps, when I publish the apps directly via the .exe?  Take for example, my published Acrobat DC:


CommandLineExecutable  : C:\ProgramData\App-V\40B773CB-F7DD-4853-8B00-CC362BEC0861\149645BC-5BDA-45D5-AED8-FA                               BCCC95E637\Root\VFS\ProgramFilesX86\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Reader\AcroRd32.exe


There are other guides, such as https://www.jgspiers.com/launching-app-v-applications-published-through-studio-on-same-vda/, but I assume these are due to using the Native App-V integration with 19XX.


In cases like this, I need vPrefer to be able to launch the AcroRd32.exe within the same session, rather than double-hopping.





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