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CPU Mitigation "Meltdown/Spectre" - how to disable it on XS 7.6 | 8.1

Peter VARGA1709157052


I have these questions regarding the CPU mitigation:

  1. Is there a way to disable the CPU mitigation in Citrix at all? I am running on my XS only trustworthy software, so I dare to disable it.
  2. When the CPU mitigation is is active on the XS, how does this influence the VM where it is off? I don't get it how the setting is working simultaneously in this constellation. Is the Citrix mitigation only controlling the scheduler for the VM and the disabled CPU mitigation on the VM applies only to the threads running inside the VM? An explanation would be very appreciated.


I hope you understand what I am asking.



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IMO.. you should follow the hotfix guidelines to mitigate security risks: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX225835


Yes, there will be some performance loss and it will depend on teh VM's OS as well as what applications are boing run. The mitigation is primarily in the kernel execution portion, but also do note that some protection is only possible through changes in teh server BIOS/firmware. FOllow the vendor's recommendations for those updates. The software itself should not be affected; I have applied many BIOS as well as hotfixes to Dell servers running 7.6 without adverse affects on any VMs or software running on the VMs. As with any update, it's always good to have backups ahead of time as a precaution.



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