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CS VSERVER not passing DELETE to servers

Stewart Roth

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I have a CS-Vserver that is not passing http /DELETE verb but is passing /POST /PUT etc. etc.  Running 21.1-55.18.  I used nstrace to capture traffic on the CS-Vserver.  But all is see in SNIP talking to backend servers and never see the /DELETE.  The CS server wouldn't be redirecting thus changing this delete to a get would it?  If it was I would think that POST etc would fail too, or is that false thinking?  Not sure as development is not my wheelhouse. 

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I would also look at which cs vserver policies you have defined AND if you have a default destination set. It might be the requests are falling outside the expected policies defined.


If you run an nstrace from the NetScaler include -link enabled or "trace filtered connections peer traffic" in the GUI, so you can see the complete client to vserver/snip to server transactions and see if there is something failing client side first.

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