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Difference between MIP and SNIP - Network behaviour

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MIPs are deprecated (announcement started in 11.0); while they are NOT gone yet at least in 12.1 (not certain about 13.0); you should not be creating new entities with them and use a SNIP instead.


At one point (pre 6.1), mips and snips had slightly different distinct use cases.  These days you don't have to worry about it; if you disable USNIP mode, you might have to go back to a more legacy use case and require MIPS or other alternate backend ips.  


Bottom line: don't worry about creating MIPS as you don't need them AND they will go away. Use SNIPs for most of your NetScaler to Server (backend) communication or net profiles when an alternate ip needs to be assigned.



Now, just for some technical info.  IF a MIP and SNIP exist in the same network and IF you still have USNIP mode enabled (which means anything the MIP can do the SNIP can handle).  In the case of which IP would be used to send traffic like monitor probes OR netscaler-to-server backend traffic, if both are present, the MIP is "ip address of last resort"; meaning if both could be used, the SNIP would be used instead of the MIP.    If USNIP mode were disabled (don't do that); the MIP would be used as the SNIP couldn't be used in that scenario as long as some other IP (like a net profile assignment) was present first.


For monitor probes (and we'll ignore mips here...see above), is which IP do they actually use, it depends.  There are two types of monitors "scriptable" and "non-scriptable".  Basic monitors are considered "non-scriptable) and they will use the SNIP or assigned net profile to reach the service being probed.  "Scriptable" monitors are some of teh advanced monitors that are invoked from shell and therefore they source from the NSIP.  This would include monitors like user (custom), the ldap monitor, and the storefront monitor.  They way you can tell how the monitor will source its traffic, look to see if you can assign a net profile or not. If a net profile is possible, then the monitor will use the appropriate SNIP or assigned net profile.  If the monitor does not allow a net profile to be specified, it likely qualifies as a scriptable monitor and will use the NSIP.  


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