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Citrix Workspace App RDP Device CAL

Michael Junglas


Hello Community, 


we deploy a Citrix Terminal Server Desktop over Ipdas with the Citrx Workspace App. 

Our Infrastucture is 19.12. 

The Desktop is configured to license by user. 

I observe on the MS Terminal Server license server that the devices from the server receive a device license even though the desktop is licensed to users.

I think that is not right? 


Thank you for comments. 


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You might be getting confused between Microsoft RDS licensing and Citrix licensing.


With Citrix you purchase either per device or Concurrent User Citrix licenses

With Microsoft, you need to purchase either per device or per user RDS Client Access Licenses


That means you need two sets of licenses.

And you need to configure them separately.


Where have you configured the RDS CAL type? Most people set this in a Computer Configuration GPO.




Ken Z

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thanks for your comment. 


I know the difference between Citrix and RDP licensing. My problem is the RDP License. 

I have two deliverygroups. One I use for the clients in den local network, in the GPO for this Server I configure licensing by device and the other group is for the homeoffice user. This gpo is configured by using user cals in rdp. The licensing server is the same. 

If a client connects to the homeoffice desktop, the user gets a license and the device also, when the Citrix Workspace is installed. No matter if windows or ios.


For my understanding, only the user would have to get a license, that's what I set.



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