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Autostart up of programs @ Inside Citrix with WEM



We are trying to make a switch from Ivanti RES workspace Control to WEM 1912

However we have a fairly huge issue for now


We are using a Full desktop solution so users load up an entire desktop

And using the auto start / Startup for specific programs is a major part of the daily users routine .

This is critical that the users can manage this them self, and preferably very easily. 

I know WEM is all about logon optimization and that autostart of programs does not really go hand in hand with this :) however...


I know i can do it from a centralized perspective, but that is an impossible task to accomplish ;) 

The only way - but not very practical either is to manually move shortcuts from the start menu to the Startup folder... That's just not very ... :) lets say user friendly :) 

Anyone have any good suggestions?


Thanks in advance


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You can easily have wem auto start applications when you assign them to users. This is controlled at the assignment level


you can also use external tasks to execute pretty much anything  


additonally, you can make application assignments accessible to users so they can run them on demand, but I don’t believe you can enable users to choose if an assigned application auto starts (not in front of the lab to 100% confirm)

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Just now, Kasper Johansen1709159522 said:



You can use WEM to auto-start application. When assigning an application shortcut, you are able to enable an auto-startup feature. You'll find it the same place as where you assign the application shortcut to the Desktop or Start menu.

Thanks for the answer

however, i want the users to control this, not me :)

we have 20,000 users  and 150 programs
and all of them want diffrent programs to autostart, depending on what they work with :) 



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Actually made a request about a year ago :(
Not sure i did it the right way though :)



Different company back then, same request - i am surprised no one has asked for this before? Is most people just micromanaging their users? Or just plain rejects the possibility they can do it ? :) 

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