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Chromebook High Latency


Has anyone experienced a weird issue with Chromebooks?  We have been testing chromebooks as an alternative to our windows based laptops.  The issue currently we have is on a Windows laptop everything runs great and we have a RTT and Latency time between 40ms-80ms using the WorksSpaces client.  On the Chromebook if we connect using the Workspaces app everything works great.....until we play anything with video.  Latency spikes between 800ms-2100ms and the video is super choppy.  And when the video stops the latency stops.  And the Windows laptop video is smooth and latency stays between 40ms-80ms


Here is some info on the ChromeBook from Citrix Director when playing a youtube video

Connection type    HDX
Protocol    TCP
Receiver version
ICA RTT    844 ms
Latency    810 ms

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I would also like to add that when troubleshooting with end users and some of our test devices we noticed something in common.  Using RDA (Remote Display Analyzer)  to monitor the chromebooks and MacBooks they both seem to be stuck between 10Mbps and 30Mbps according to the metric "Available Bandwidth Detected" in RDA.  But on all the Windows laptops we tested that metric will show between 50Mbps and 140Mbps.  It seems like the Chromebooks and MacBooks are being throttled by something.  

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