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Server 2016 published App Start Menu enumeration very slow




we used a published Desktop for basic apps and multiple appsilos for published apps.

The Broker/storefront and VDAs are on 7.15. The Receiver is on 4.11.

When the user logged on the Startmenu is published very quick in %appdata%\microsoft\windows\start menu, but it take a few minutes until the apps are refreshed in the startmenu, because the tiledatalayer need some time. 

So we set RemoveAppsonLogoff, but with that after the next logon we get the same problem.... the tiledatalayer first have to rebuild.


After that i tried to set reg add HKLM\Software\Citrix\Dazzle /v ReuseStubs /t REG_SZ /d “true” - Now all seems to be fine, but sadly when i disable a app or a user has no longer permission on that the app doesn't disappear.


Anyone here who have some hints for me or anything like that?

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