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Help with profiles while using VDA RemotePC

James Hardy


We are working to set up a lab of physical desktops where students can remote into the physical machines with VDA RemotePC.  Can the user profiles be non-persistent on each computer, or does each system need to be locally logged into?  More specifically, can we use the physical desktops as a pool of computers for students to log into, purging their individual user profiles whenever they log out of the computers?

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You could accomplish this by using a pooled VDI machine catalog instead of a Remote PC Access (RPCA) one. RPCA catalog doesn't support pooled machines at the moment. Just note that you wouldn't be able to use the integrated WoL functionality.


As far as user profiles go, I suggest you look into Mandatory Profiles: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/client-management/mandatory-user-profile


Hope that helps.

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