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URL rewrite with custom ports

Michael B

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Hi All.  I'm having trouble getting an expression to work correctly for me.  The issue is I have an application migrating from using port :8080 to now :8443 (SSL on the server).  So I put a responder policy on the VIP listening on 8080 to redirect to "https://servername:8443".  This is where it runs into problems.  Since the application has multiple templates that will send responses back to the user in the form of  "http://servername:8080/D2/?docbase=edmqa01&locateId=090132ea810575f1"   And the app admins don't want to have to change this.   So the responder policy wipes out the response.


I've tried using the expression "https://" + http.REQ.HEADER("Host").HTTP_HEADER_SAFE + ":8443" +  http.REQ.URL.PATH_AND_QUERY.HTTP_URL_SAFE

on the responder policy But that doesn't remove the :8080 in the original request and it ends up with :8080:8443 in the url and obviously breaks.


I'm thinking a rewrite policy would be the way to go evaluating the response, but cannot figure this one out.  Can the custom port in URL not be removed and/or changed?


Example of goal:

LB Vserver:   https://servervipname:8443/D2/?query

Server response  http://servervipname:8080/D2/?docbase=dkeeedhdh3  >>  Transform to  https://servervipname:8443/D2/?docbase=dkeeedhdh3


Any help is appreciated.

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Thanks Sam.  I was just over complicating it for some reason.  Must be end of the week.  That seems to work fine.  And of course the app admin left out some details, I thought this was occurring while in the application however it only puts in the old URL when the app sends out email links to files.  So Responder policy is the way to go here.



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Actually I did get it to work without hard coding the name.  For reference



This does the trick.  It's been a while since I have worked with expressions and got stuck on looking at the header.

Thanks again.


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