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Password changed through Netscaler Gateway not updated on local computer

Ross Bender

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We have some users on laptops that are usually joined to our domain and on our network. When the laptop is on network, the user can unlock (or log in) to their laptop using their domain credentials. If they change their password, the password is changed both on the domain and on the local laptop operating system (OS).


When the user disconnects from the domain/network, they can continue to log into their laptop using their domain credentials (it must be cached on local machine).


We are now facing a situation with these users that are disconnected from the domain/network and using VDI to access a desktop (Netscaler Gateway -> Storefront). From within the VDI session, they are updating their domain credentials (changing password). In this scenario, the credentials are updated on the domain (as expected) but the local laptop OS does not know about this and so it still has a cache of the previous password.


At this point, the user will need to enter their OLD password to unlock their laptop/OS, and then the NEW password when connecting to VDI.


Is there a way this type of password update can be sent through the Netscaler back to the client so that it is updated on the local computer/OS?

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Hi Ross,


I think if it's possible, than only via the NetScaler Gateway Plugin-In (Full SSLVPN) - with ICA Proxy mode the NetScaler Gateway / Workspace App does not "talk" to the local Client / Machine. I can't find some valid documents from Citrix - only my thoughts. 




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