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GSLB RTT not working properly.

Abhijith KS

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We have a GSLB RTT set-up with DC's A & B, most of our clients are near to DC A. But we see lot of connections established on DC B. I am checking the ldns enteries on NetScaler and as per the RTT it is right. But actually, all the users should go to DC A.


Any thoughts ?

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51 minutes ago, Diego Oliveira said:

Check if the following Citrix article helps: 


Thanks Diego, Can you tell me what happens when a client tries to access for the first time ? I understand for the first timer's if there are no ldns entries, they would be given the IP as per RR. So when does the NS do the balancing as per RTT ? is it till the LSND entries are flushed or something ?

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