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Disconnected sessions which were not visible in Citrix Studio, Citrix Director and cannot be found via Powershell

Ziegler Bernd


Citrix VDA: 7.15.1000.150

Citrix DDC: 7.15.3000.350


Hello, we have sometimes disconnected sessions which were not visible in Citrix Studio and the users are not able to reconnect to this sessions. Is this a known issue? And does someone know how this problem occurs? And we need a way to detect such session, best via power shell


best regards



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Or if you know  the username try this with list of server name



$file = "C:\Source\servers.txt"
$servers = Get-Content -Path $file


$ToFind = Read-Host -Prompt 'Enter User Name'
$ToFind = " " + $ToFind

foreach($server in $servers)
    $serverData = query user /server:$server
    foreach($login in $serverData)
        if($login.StartsWith($ToFind,"CurrentCultureIgnoreCase") ) 
            write-host $server
            write-host $login

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