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Remote PC kicks me out

Patrick Seymour


We've been using Remote PC access for a long while in IT, and it's been fine. With recent work-from-home requirements, we've expanded it out to non IT-users in other buildings.


What I'm seeing, and able to reproduce pretty regularly, is that, I can use the PC to run applications basically as much as I want. Browsers, mail clients, specialty apps: all fine. As soon as I either click on the Start button, or right-click on the taskbar, the remote PC session gets closed. I'm not logged out of Windows on the PC, just no access through the VDA. Within a short time frame, the device flips to Unregistered in Studio. I can still get on the PC remotely through SCCM, and my account is still logged in and apps are still running.


Firewalls are turned off on the controllers, and I turned it off on the PC I've been testing.


Attached are log events from Citrix Desktop Service. Around the 6:45 mark is where I was kicked off.


These are all Windows 10 1909, VDA 1909, and 1909 on the server end.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


broker failure events - sanitized.txt

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