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ICA Proxy Logging to Syslog

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I've been trying to find out how to export the ICA proxy logs to syslog, but it's eluding me. We have one advanced policy audit log created with one associated server. We are receiving logs from the ACLs, API calls and so on, but not the ICA proxy. I know it is possible because we had it in the past, but the configuration was changed and nobody knows what changed...

Please let me know if you have any idea what to do to make it work.

Thank you


Update #1

The advanced policy is globally bound to the system.

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What are you considering the ica proxy log info, just to make sure its not some other info being captured?


Check if you had a global syslog audit policy bound, which should report everything to your external syslog server (this will include all audited events and gateway/vpn vserver events). (Is the global policy you have now, have the correct syslog destination. You might want to check both your global syslog parameters for local logging and the audit syslog action to see if any info was excluded from the log settings.)

Or bind an audit syslog policy to your vpn vserver with your syslog server destination to capture the AAA/TCP/vpn vserver releated events for user gateway access.



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