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Strontfront API for SAML Authentication


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I am following the following link to call the enumeration api https://developer-docs.citrix.com/projects/storefront-services-api/en/latest/resource-enumeration/ .

However, with SAML authentication, i am stuck at the SAML form the output is as shown below: 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <AuthenticateResponse xmlns="http://citrix.com/authentication/response/1"> <Status>success</Status> <Result>more-info</Result> <StateContext /> <AuthenticationRequirements> <PostBack>/Citrix/Authentication/SamlForms</PostBack> <CancelPostBack>/Citrix/Authentication/SamlForms/Cancel</CancelPostBack> <Requirements> <Requirement> <Credential> <Type>none</Type> </Credential> <Label> <Text>The client does not meet the minimum requirements for this Form</Text> <Type>error</Type> </Label> <Input /> </Requirement> <Requirement> <Credential> <ID>confirmBtn</ID> <Type>none</Type> </Credential> <Label> <Type>none</Type> </Label> <Input> <Button>OK</Button> </Input> </Requirement> </Requirements> </AuthenticationRequirements> </AuthenticateResponse>


Can you please help me get around this problem?

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