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Firefox turns blank / only shows white page after logging into Citrix Workspace in Linux / Fedora

Anna Schneider


Hi guys,


With the help of this forum I managed to make Citrix work in Fedora :5_smiley:


On the third day however - I may have accidentally closed the Citrix workspace window in the browser before - a new problem occurred: 


I cannot access the workspace any longer. After logging in (in Firefox), the browser just displays a white page and nothing else.


(In my Windows 10 installation in Virtualbox there is no such problem - there I can still use Citrix Workspace in Firefox.)


Does anybody know if there's a fix?


Best, Anna


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13 minutes ago, Stian Viskjer said:



Any difference in a private window (ctrl+shift+p in firefox)? I so, try clearing cookies and site data by clicking the i and padlock icon in the address bar.


You did it again, thank you!


In private mode I can log in and work. So that's a great workaround that solves my problem. :5_smiley:


After I cleared the site data, there is no white page after the login anymore, but instead is says:


"Attempting to use Java for Installation

Java not detected or installed. Cisco Secure Desktop weblaunch requires Java to be present and configured in your browser."


After the countdown  at the bottom is over it goes:


Automated download of Cisco Secure Desktop is not supported by your system configuration.
To proceed, you can use the link below to login. However, your system will not be checked for required policies. As such:

Corporate policy may prevent or restrict access.

Some resources may be unavailable."


When I do use "the link below" and try to login I get the message:


"Login denied. Your environment does not meet the access criteria defined by your administrator."


So from a normal window I  still cannot log in - which is not really a problem.


Again: Thanks a lot!


Best, Anna



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