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Workspace MAC - Begins to Open, Closes Instantly

Ryan Connolly


Corporate Managed Apps (CA) will always open without any issues.

Departmental Managed Apps (DA) will begin to Open in Workspace and then close immediately.


This is happening on MACs. It's independent of OS, Receiver vs. Workspace.


The CAs will open  without fail EVERYTIME.


Any tips on where I should begin looking?


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I know this is an old thread and maybe you have it resolved. We have a similar issues and the only way I found to get around it was to uninstall Workspace or Receiver. Delete any entries for com.citrix in Library/Preferences, and then reinstall Workspace. We could then get apps to launch and not crash. Every one of our Mac users has this issue from time to time. I have not found a solution. It seems Mac OS corrupts the install of Workspace.

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