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Citirx Workspace 1911 disconnect no primary DNS server communications

Craig Corbett


I'm accessing my work VDI login through chrome and Citrix Workspace and whilst working I get disconnected. I can return to the citrix login page but the vdi icon spins up and nothing progresses. If I have another tab open in Chrome like the BBC, if I try follow a link it comes up with internet connection lost. However through my iPad or phone I am able to access the internet without any problems, so the wifi connection at home is good.


If I follow the troubleshooting it comes back with a response of:

Windows can't communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server)


I then have to do a computer re-start in order to bring up an internet connection again.


Thanks in advance for any guidance, Craig

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Certainly sounds like a client side issue but I can't say I've ever seen this either.   When disconnected, does Workspace display any dialog, or the display just freezes, or what?  Could potentially be a network driver that's buggy.  If you close the browser and reopen it does it still refuse to go to any other website?  Assuming your client PC is Windows, try ipconfig /flushdns (Command line) and try to browse the net again.  Try to ping your default gateway when this is happening to verify that you can reach something on the local network.

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