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Warning with exclamation mark when opening applications in XenApp

George Younan


I have setup and configured XenApp version 7.19 LTSR with all necessary components such as creating a Site, Delivery group, VDA, StoreFront for HTTPS and so on. The purpose is to open an application shortcut via Citrix XenApp, the application extension is .UPD and is located in a shared folder. The user which I used for the XenApp setup has full access and full control over this folder.

The issue is that when an allowed end user opens Citrix Workspace App from his laptop, while connected to VPN, he/she sees the shortcut of this application normally inside the workspace app, but once he/she clicks on it they simply get a warning box with an exclamation mark inside it and the name of the application. That's it, no error message, no other hints.


I'm also using the 30 day trial license instead of preparing a license server, and i'm still in day 2, so i have 28 days left.


Has anyone faced a similar issue? It's blocking our application access.

The error is similar to the attached one, with a different application name inside. But it's exactly the same. Also note that we don't have any group policy in place.


Note: none of the suggested idea in the below article were useful in my case:



Any other suggestion would be very helpful.



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Hi Carl,

- Yes all other applications work perfectly such as notepad...

- Citrix Workspace does not open if i'm not connected to VPN

- Yes I'm seeing a lot of errors which indicate that the faulty application path is locally on the Xenapp server on C:\Windows\ whereas the shortcut and executable which I pointed to is on a shared folder on the application server itself, not the Xenapp server.

I'm also getting some Citrix HIgh Availability Server warnings in event viewer which displays the following warning:


This controller has entered the out-of-box grace period as no suitable licenses were found on the license server 'XenApp.domain.com'. 
You have 692 hour(s) remaining before this controller stops providing desktop and application sessions.


(Although i'm sure this warning has nothing to do with the issue. We do not have a licensing server yet, we want to test the product before we put the actual license on the licensing server)

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