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Monitoring Connections Question

Ryan Fisher

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Now that almost everyone we have is working remote, I'm trying to get a handle on how many users are connected to my Netscaler.  If I look at the gateway virtual servers list, I have current users at 101, total connected users at 343.  From what I understand, the current users are the http authenticated users that have logged in the the initial login page that haven't been logged out yet due to timeout.  The total connected users are the users that are still connected with ICA to their desktop.  Can anyone please confirm?


However, if I go to Citrix Gateway - Monitor - ICA Connections, then I get yet another different number, of 272.  I'm inclined to believe the real number of users on desktops is this 272, but what I don't understand is why is it different than the total connected users number?


As a bonus question, on the CLI, if I do a show icaconnection, I get the same information as Monitor ICA Connections in the GUI, which makes sense.  BUT, it numbers up to a certain amount, in this case, 137, then restarts numbering at 1 again and goes to whatever, like 131, so if you want a true count you have to add those together.  It seems like it is a page break within the command that breaks it up, but messes up the numbering.  Anyone know why it's doing that?


And, a second bonus question!  Last week I was doing a CLI command that showed total number of ICA Connections, where it listed them out then gave a summary count at the end.  I cannot for the life of me find what that command was!  It's not in the command history and I've closed my terminal windows.  Ugh.  Show ICA Connections is the closest thing I can find to give me that, but it doesn't give that total count at the end.  That was such a perfect command to give me the total count on the command line.  I know I can get it in the GUI, but I guess it's just an OCD thing for me to try to remember what that command was in the CLI.


Thanks for the help!

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