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Setup HA on VPX after the fact?

Jason Fortun

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I inherited a pair of SDX appliances that should have been setup with 1 VPX each in a HA arrangement. Now I see there is a single VPX running on one SDX and the second SDX is running nothing .  Is there a way I can setup HA without risking the original working VPX?  I have seen some info that suggests setting up HA after the fact can wipe out your existing Virtual servers. Current VPX is version 12.1. Any help would be great.

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That is because sometimes setting  up the second HA node makes that node primary, and since it doesn't have a configuration, blanks out the configuration of the original primary (which is now secondary).

The way to ensure that doesn't happen is to set the HA mode of the original VPX to STAY PRIMARY, so that it does not become secondary.



IMPORTANT: Make sure that you save the configuration before attaching the secondary node.

Once you've successfully added the second node, you then set it back to ENABLED.


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Sam has it right. For further reassurance you do not lose the config you can extract/back up the entire config file from the VPX just in case something happens. Use winscp to connect to your instance that is configured. Browse to  /flash/nsconfig directory, from there back up the ns.conf file in that directory and if you have SSL certs/keys also back up the entire ssl directory. If something were to happen and the config got erased (unlikely as long as you set the primary to stay primary before pairing them) then all you need to do is put these two files back where you got them and reboot the VPX, but if/when you reboot make sure that you DO NOT save the configuration or else it will overwrite the actual config file with a blank config basically. 

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