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Netscaler GSLB? Push users to use a specific netscaler based on published app\desktop?

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I have no idea if this is possible or what to look into anymore (my eyes hurt and this Convid-19 thing has resulted in a nightmare for our entire IT staff (3 people supporting 600+)


Here is our infrastructure:


We have 2 domains - One for our employees, and one for contractors - both are configured on the same Netscaler at our Datacenter with separate external addresses and virtual servers.

We have another netscaler netscaler out our Florida datacenter for our american employee's. This netscaler is only configured for our employee's to access. At this moment, I will only focus on the virtual server for our internal employee's - of which both netscalers are configured for.

GSLB was never configured (although the contractor we hired said he had done just that - we are realising now that two years later, that it was never configured

Our primary servers are all located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

What my manager was hoping, was that based on which published application a user clicked on - lets say a published application that is at our Gainesville branch datacenter, that the users connection would be redirected to the Gainesville Netscaler, keeping the users resources relatively local to them.

As I mentioned, GSLB was never configured. What I am seeing configured is on the delivery controller, where home zones were configured. The applications that are located at Gainesville, are set to start in the users Homezone if available.  So I surmise that based on this, that the configuration is half complete?

If I enable and configure GSLB, will I be able to set it up so that users connection will be redirected to a specific Netscaler?

We have some apps that only reside at the Winnipeg office, and most users who use these servers reside in Winnipeg, but we have a team of about 5 or 6 people in the USA who also utilize these servers. My biggest worry is that based on geolocation alone, their connections will be forced to the Gainesville Netscaler, if I configure GSLB. 

Right now we are having a horrible network issue with our primary ISP in Gainesville, and the fear is that the route users are currently being put through to access resources even locally is only exasperating the issue.  It also doesn't help that resources are not replicated between servers in Winnipeg and Gainesville.  Depending on the users department, position, and\or team, their resources will reside at either one of the  datacenters.



Any suggestions on how I should approach this?

I don't think there is an easy fix, but hoping I can get some guidance.




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If you want to send users to a specific NetScaler based on GSLB load-balancing methods (e.g. proximity, RTT, etc.) then GSLB would be easier (the SDK requires coding). However, if you want to route users to a specific NetScaler based on a specific application, then GSLB won't be useful.

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thanks for the definitive answer.

I'll pass this thread along to my manager and see how he wants to proceed.


I did notice that the article is from 2014, and the link to the SDK doesnt work.

I tried to do a search but I'm not finding anything for anything newer than storefront 2.6

We are currently at Storefront 3.5 and are looking at upgrading to the current LTSR version by the summer.

Will the sdk version for storefront 2.6 work with future versions?


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