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Filtering with keywords when there are no assigned desktop in random assignment delivery group

Andrey Cherepennikov


So, my setup is : XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR, Storefront v3.9.0.56

- machine group #1 (persistent) -> delivery group #1 (static assign) with KEYWORDS: Internal

- machine group #2 (non-persistent) -> delivery group #2 (random) also with KEYWORDS: Internal

- machine group #3 (non-persistent) -> delivery group #3 (random) with KEYWORDS: External

What I want is - hide Internal delivery groups on one /ExternalStoreWeb store and show only #3 but show all of them if they access /InternalStoreWeb.

So far it kinda works with keywords filtering BUT if there's no already assigned machine in delivery group then the keyword from that group is completely ignored.


test1: I set ExternalStoreWeb to 'Filter by Included: External'. It shows no desktops until I add any random machine to delivery group #3 and assign it manually to my test user. Then it shows desktop #3 and I can connect to it.

test2: I set ExternalStoreWeb to 'Filter by Excluded: Internal'. All 3 delivery groups are visible but if I manually add and assign a machine in delivery group #1 to this test user then on next refresh the delivery group #1 is correctly hidden on storefront page, I see only groups #2 and #3.


All groups have desktop assignment rule since, well, if they don't then the desktops won't be randomly assigned to any new connecting users, right?


Is it supposed to work that way and shouldn't it hide delivery group in web interface regardless of if the user has already registered some desktop in it?

And how do I actually hide these groups in specific storefront stores? Or am I doing something wrong trying to filter them with keywords?

To me if feels like the keywords don't apply to delivery group but rather to machines and when checking allowed keywords storefront checks for user's assigned machine only and if there's no one then the keyword on delivery group is ignored completely

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