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Citrix Workspace ( Overlay UI is Absolutely Terrible

David Sexton




I've upgraded to the latest version of Citrix workspace ( and I'm finding the new overlay UI to be a huge step backward. I tried reinstalling the previous version, but it won't let me.


  • Whenever I move my mouse to the top of my screen, a gigantic (X) button appears on top of my programs. It's super annoying. I'm constantly moving the mouse to the top of my screen to access browser tabs, because I use a touch pad. Can I please please please get rid of this button somehow?
  • The circle button is finicky and flickers when mousing over it. At least this can be dragged to the side of the screen, but that annoying (X) button cannot be dragged at all!
  • I can no longer dock windows to the right side of my screen. (I'll try restarting and see if it fixes it, maybe just a temporary glitch?)


If these super annoying UI issues aren't going to be resolved, is there any way I can reinstall the previous version?




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