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Trying to reverse proxy to an internal Linux Web Server using URL transform - requires a trailing '/'

Ken Z

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Hi Everyone


have an urgent need for a fix for the following


I have a NetScaler firmware 13.0 Build 47.24 (latest build)

It's configured as a reverse proxy for some internal Web Servers allowing roaming users to access internal web resources. Some are using standard LB Service redirects, some are using URL transform policies, but all use standard tcp 80 or 443 ports


I've got an internal (linux) Web Server running on 8888 - i.e. accessed internally by http://server.comtoso.local:8888/

I need to access it externally on the standard 443 SSL port via https://rproxy.comtoso.com/internal1

I've had to set up a URL transform to get this working, but it will only work if I enter a trailing '/' i.e. https://rproxy.comtoso.com/internal1/ if i forget to put the trailing '/' it comes back with an error about not finding the page.


I've got a transform action as follows


Request URL From:         rproxy.comtoso.com/internal1/(.*)

Request URL Into:           server.comtoso.local:8888/$1

Response URL From:      server.comtoso.local:8888/(.*)

Response URL Into:        rproxy.comtoso.com/internal1/$1


This does not appear to work, as the error message i'm getting back says it cannot find the page it's looking for. 

I can email all the users to remind them to put a trailing '/', but at the moment it's generating too many support calls from external users saying it's broken.


Any pointers anyone? Need to get this working by the end of play today... :-(


By the way, I've got other (Windows) Web Servers that don't need the '/' at the end of the URL and they work fine. Something to do with Microsoft's 'courtesy redirection' automatically redirecting to a folder if it can't find a file with the name specified.




Ken Z


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