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Users dont believe they need to log off, ever.

Pierre Cardain


With how-tos and tech docs being of a technical nature rather than a political one, does anyone have links to the need to manage resources in citrix.


Users expect to leave their sessions logged in over night and continue where they left off in the morning - their non technical management agree and want proof as to wy user sneed to log off, sessions need to be reset, apps cant stay open all night, spreadsheets and files in use... etc.  Ive said its good practice for resource and maintenance, they want references


Please advise any good practice links as you're just expected to know this.



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it's perfectly fine to leave sessions open and running if it suits the business need - many organisations will only reboot an environment once a week and leave sessions up as required until the scheduled reboot times


i do however always recommend a nightly reboot....the best reference for you will be when the servers start to crap their pants :)

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