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Plus button to add apps is missing from workspace

asd d


According to all the resources I've been given, there's supposed to be a + button that opens a drawer of apps. It just isn't there for me on my home computer. I can login fine, just can't add any apps. Reinstalling several times didn't work, neither did installing an older version. Currently on windows 10 running software version 1911. My company's IT department is stumped and this remote access is absolutely required for me to get any work done. The only thing I've found on my own is another person having the same problem from 2013 with no replies.

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With no knowledge of the backend infrastructure, it's tough to try and help.  Modern version of Workspace should have two or three options in red print at the top of the dialog.  When you launch Workspace, it defaults to HOME.  If you have not 'Favorited' anything then that page will be blank. Go to APPS and all your published apps should appear there (Equivalent to the PLUS symbol you were looking for), click the star next to any that you want Favorite.  If you have a Published Desktop or VDI assigned, there will be a DESKTOPS section also and the same process can be used to Favorite them so that it appears on the initial HOME section.

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