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Storefront/Receiver: Using Windows Magnifier with virtual desktop?

Kenneth Brodersen



I have a bit of a problem. I am a software engineer working for an energy trading company. Due to the human malware wee are encouraged to work from home. I can access my work desktop by opening a virtual desktop through Citrix and from there creating a RDP connection to my work machine. So far, so good... Here is the issue. 

I am visually impaired and rely on the magnifier integrated in window. I use the commands 'win' and '+' to increase magnification, 'win' and '-' to decrease and 'win' and 'esc' to turn magnification off. When going into full screen these commands are naturally forwarded to the vm...

Is there any way to "prevent" these commands from being forwarded? Any ideas for other workarounds? 

Thanks and advance and have a great weekend

Regards Kenneth

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