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External/internal out-of-service DOWN occurs irregularly.


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Citrix NetScaler ADC 13 Enterprise is in use.
The firmware version is NS13.0 41.28.nc.

NetScaler is configured on AWS EC2.


When used, it becomes device DOWN irregularly as shown below, causing disconnection.



Setting up the service with google was set up for testing.
When Google occurs, it is impossible to communicate externally.
My NetScaler consists of Full VPN.


When Device DOWN occurs, resetting interface 1/2 will raise the service again, enabling normal communication.

This phenomenon occurs alternately, both internally and externally.
It's going to be up in 10 minutes automatically.
Resetting the interface 1/2 in case of an emergency can be upgraded for normal use.


What should I do?


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It looks like it just isn't receiving a response to the probe but ICMP isn't the most reliable monitor. You can try a few things.


1. Do a trace while the service is in a failed state and verify that ICMP responses are indeed not being received.

2. As above, also try a manual ping from the shell while the service is down.

3. Try a different monitor; since you're using try a DNS monitor and see if that is more reliable. Or try an HTTP monitor to another destination.

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Thank you for reply.


1. If you check the ICMP while the service fails, you can check that it is DOWN.
2. Time out occurs when you attempt a manual ping.
3. DNS or other monitor other than ping appears as a service failure when in DOWN state.


In other words, network communication is not possible when DOWN is on the service monitor.
In CLI mode, ping also fails.


However, DOWN is UP and communication is possible by running reset interface 1/2 in CLI mode. Of course, ping is possible.

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