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RemotePC session limit reached Citrix 1912

Erez Baruch


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We're seeing this too on 7.15.5000. It isn't every user, some never have the issue, others seem to almost every day.

We have a mixture of client OS, Windows and Mac. Mac client haven't been affected as far as we have seen but their numbers are totla number is too small to draw a conclusion. Either way, get a mac isn't a solution.

We have a mixture of workspace/receiver versions, i'm not seeing a correlation between version and affected users.

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I've seen this issue as well.

7.17 Infrastructure

19.12 Core VDA ( about to upgrade the infrastructure)

and Win 10 desktops.



Im wondering if some of these user are logging in via RDP or with different creds and causing an issue. So far I havent figured it out and its making remote pc look bad.

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I try ICA will always  ,

But i am not sure it is work



RpcaMode (dword):

1 = The remote user will always win if he does not respond to the messaging UI in the specified timeout period.

2 = The local user will always win. If this setting is not specified, the remote user will always win by default.







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