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Is there a way to extract the monthly HDX session of how many users have connected externally for how many hours? Currently, it only have desktop and user session per user basis. It would be nice to have a tool or extract that pulls consolidate daily report of individual report of something like director has. But our management want to looks at report from netscaler instead of Director as we have high session timeout of Storefront and also we upgraded netscaler license just for the reporting purpose

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I reviewed this article in the past. Uptime and session duration is only available per user instead all user summary. For all users summary with session duration I find it easier to pull weekly from Director and save it on excel. If ADM had this feature there is not need to pull weekly from director. or use script write weekly from director 

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Another option is NetScaler MAS. I found MAS is really good if i need to generate a report like summary of users, ICA sessions etc. I personally feel lot easier to use compare to nestler and director.


I must advised have a good. Good think is about MAS up to 30 vserver no license require.





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