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App Layering versioning script fails to successfully add the new version

Dylan Snyder1709160381


I am having a weird issue with conversion/versioning script (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX226060). 


The script correctly executes and there are no errors shown in the log file however the vdisk version is added but replication does not show the server as having a copy of the files. However when you look in the store location you can see the three needed files (.vhd,.pvp and .lok). I have manually ran the script with several debug breakpoints and nothing is actually failing. 


Does anyone have any ideas on some potential next steps? 





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No, I am not using the pvs vdisk replication utility. I am not using local storage on the pvs server, i am using a presented lun. 


The script successfully creates the version as shown in the screenshot but I am unable to boot the version as it states vdisk file not available. The vhd, pvp and lok files are there but the pvs console does not see that the vdisk version is actually there. 


I have even disabled load balancing on the disk and the console still doesn't see the presence of the disk. 


This behavior only happens when using the script. The import from ELM shows fine and works correctly. 


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