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Multiple RDS servers load balanced

Jonathan Kadoo


Good day, hope all are doing well.  Hope you can help me understand.  We have setup 2 RDS in Citrix cloud.  For some reason the vast majority of users are getting connected to 1 server and not the other.  Is there a way I can load balance between?  I am missing something for sure, this is new to me, thank you for your patience.

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Hi jkadoo125, can you verify if both servers are turned on in Studio console Search node. When you setup more than one server using MCS, the Delivery Group settings will default to 10% of the total servers to be on and the rest to off, this is in Autoscale settings of the delivery group. So you might have one server turned on until it fills up to 80% capacity (basically CPU / MEM is 80% by default) and then the other servers will start turning on. If you need to have both servers on, you can disable AutoScale from the Delivery Group settings or increase the capacity during peak hours.

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From the Studio where you see the servers listed, you can add a column for Load Index.   It may be that the server that has no users on it is, for some reason, showing a very high load figure so everyone is being load balanced onto the other.

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