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DTLS / 'Audio over UDP' in Double-hop?

Zurich IT

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Hi Everyone,


We are at NS on both our front facing MPX's and back-end VPXs.

VDA 7.15 CU5 on the desktops


I'm attempting to work out whether this is feasible. Citrix mention that "Audio over UDP" should continue to be used over EDT for obvious reasons, but after speaking to Citrix support they mentioned it is possible but don't have any documentation on it so determining what the port requirements between the DMZ ADC and secure ADC's is providing difficult.


So does anyone know if this is actually supported and configurable? 


The way I see it working in my head is UDP443 to the front-end vServer from internet then again UDP443 into the secure network VPX - after which it's in the secure network and the VDA's can happily talk to the VPX on any UDP port they desire (all this ensuring that DTLS is enabled on all vServers)


Struggling to find out if this is even possible. Please help.

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