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citrix ADC vpx 1000 need VIP to physical server IP bindings

Nate F

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I am trying to get an output from the cli which has the VIP to Physical IP bindings. 

I have tried <show ns ip>, but this only gives me the VIPs.

<show connectiontables > this gives me a list of source IPs to Destination IPs. 


Is there any other command or any other way I can find out which VIPs are bound to which physical servers?


Thank you.

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show lb vserver -summary

Will give you a list of lb vservers on your system.  Which can be useful if you wan't to identify the destinations of specific lb vservers.


show lb vserver <lb vserver name> will show you each lb vserver, properties and the services or service groups bound.  Services/ServiceGroups and or servers identify the actual IP addresses or your destinations for traffic.


If you want a config summary, then you need to do a little bit of work to get the underlying commands:

show ns runningconfig | grep "bind lb vserver" -i


Should give you a list of all the commands where a service or servicegroup is bound to an lb vserver.

You might then need to also get a list based on service or servicegroup names to find the IP addresses in use, you might need some of these additional commands:

show ns runningconfig | grep "add service" -i

show ns runningconfig | grep ".* servicegroup" -i

show ns runntingconfig | grep "add server" -i









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