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Bandwidth used by Netscaler ADC

Bharath Reddy

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Hi All,


My I am trying to find a way how to find how much bandwidth Citrix ADC is using it of 500Mbps internet pipeline.


We have 500Mbps internet pipe. Is there a way on citrix ADC how to check how much data is transmitted\received out of this used by citrix.

I see on citrix dashboard it says throughput but I believe this is not internet pipe throughput utilization rather ADC bandwidth.


Request for your inputs.

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It is traffic on the NIC level. What is shown will contain and HTTP compression etc. What you see is what the ADC throughput is. So if all the traffic is going through the ADC for that pipe. You could use the dashboard as a gauge. However other tools should be implemented as your problems may never been seen at the ADC if you have issues somewhere else on that pipe. The ADC will only report traffic that reaches it. 

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