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Powershell Snapin move Bootsrtap server to top of the list



I am trying to move current PVS server to the top of the bootstrap list using the Powershell Snapin

We have 3 possibly 4 servers in the list and want to be able to script this. 


Anyone ever do it before? I can make it work for 2 servers but no 3 or 4. Current working script for 2 below;

#Configure Bootstrap Settings
$Servername = hostname
$farm = Get-PvsServer
$Bootstrap1 = Get-PvsServer -ServerName $Servername | Select -ExpandProperty "IP" |Select-Object "IPAddress*"
$Bootstrap2 = Get-PvsServer |Where-Object {$_.ServerName -ne $Servername} | Select -ExpandProperty "IP" |Select-Object "IPAddress*"
Set-PvsServerBootstrap -ServerName $Servername -Bootserver1_Ip $Bootstrap1.IPAddressToString -Bootserver1_Port "6910" -Bootserver2_Ip $Bootstrap2.IPAddressToString -Bootserver2_Port "6910" -Name "ARDBP32.bin"


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