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Multi-Type Licenses on CTX 7.15

Greg Beck


Like many we purchased some extra licenses for our Citrix environment.  We are running XenApp 7.15 and our current licenses are "Citrix Virtual Apps Advanced CCU".  The new licenses are "Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Advanced CCU".   After importing the new license I can see them in Studio but the License use slider didn't expand.  I am assuming this is because I currently have XenApp Enterprise selected as the product edition.  


Can I just switch the product edition to XenDesktop Enterprise to enable all the licenses? 

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I guess you bought BCP licenses. You cant mix Citrix Virtual Apps licenses with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop licenses. You should tell your reseller that you need the same type of licenses as in your current setup. Citrix is currently not delivering other BCP licenses than Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop licenses, but I think they will listen if all customers tell that this model is a problem if you are using Citrix Virtual Apps licenses in current setup.


If urgent you can choose to create a new Delivery Group and set licensing on that: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX223926

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I am guessing BCP == Business Continuity Planning


We purchased directly from Citrix. I guess I will ping our rep tomorrow.  It seems like a have a couple of options:


Option A.  Convince Citrix to switch out the licenses with Citrix Virtual Apps Advanced just like our current licenses.  

Option B.  Figure out how to use the licenses.  For example it looks like CVAD Adv license support Remote PC or create a separate delivery group for some subset of users to use. In this case I would have to use the Set-BrokerDesktopGroup on the new delivery group to use the XDT licenses. 


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