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Combination of PC Keyboard, Mac OS running Receiver connecting to Windows 10 virtual session doesn't support Windows key

Nathan Eaton


I get that it may be an odd combination, but for my home workspace, I have a PC keyboard and monitor that I use for working with both a PC and a Mac. If I am on my Macbook Pro (Catalina) and run receiver to connect to work, most things work fine. I can use the Ctrl key and Alt key and they behave as expected in Windows 10 virtual machine (HVD). I have Command-Option-Arrows set up in Mac to toggle between Mac OS desktops, one of which has Receiver open. 


The issue I have is that pressing Command (which is actually the Windows Logo button on my HP PC keyboard) sends Ctrl to the HVD. I have tried variations of settings in Receiver and what works best is to have following:

Send Control Character using ^ Control

Send Alt using Command (left)-Option


From everything I have read, it appears that what's missing is my keyboard lacks a right Command button and that Citrix Receiver only uses that key to send the Windows key code through to the Windows 10 HVD. Most PC-centric keyboards only have one Windows key and it appears to usually appear on the left side. 


Is there a mapping option I've missed? Or is my only option to replace the keyboard with a Mac-centric keyboard or at least a multi-platform keyboard that has a Mac Command key on both sides?




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