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EPA fails, error in shell "sh: /home/myuser/.citrix/: Is a directory"

Thorsten Hirsch


Okay, so I installed nsepa.deb from my company's store and added a mime handler for nsgcepa:// like this:

xdg-mime default nsgcepa.desktop x-scheme-handler/nsgcepa

Now it seems like my browser is at least calling the EPA executable /opt/Citrix/Browser-EPA/nsgcepa, but unfortunately it fails with the following error message:

sh: /home/myuser/.citrix/: Is a directory

I can see this error in my shell for all the ways the EPA executable is being called:

  • with Firefox
  • with Chrome
  • with the Citrix Workspace App for Chrome
  • when I call the executable directly in the shell (/opt/Citrix/Browser-EPA/nsgcepa)


So what's wrong? How can I fix /opt/Citrix/Browser-EPA/nsgcepa?


P.S.: My system is Arch Linux. I know it's not officially supported, but I think we should manage to get it working, though.

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Thorsten, did you solve your problem?


I believe I have a similar problem (though in Ubuntu 18.04). When running  

xdg-open nsgcepa://something.com

I get the error message 

sh: 1: /home/myuser/.citrix/: Permission denied

In the browser the EPA executable also seems to be called, but there I get a white page with the error message 

Error: Not a privileged User.

I am not sure though if this is due to the "Permission denied" problem or that there is some problem with my access rights. 

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