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Upgrading WEM database 1909 to 1912 fails

Goumldeke Bruumlnjes



The upgrade of our WEM Database fails, this is what i found in the logs:

14:47:16 Event -> ProgressCalculator`1.LogProgress() : InitialConnection
14:47:16 Event -> ProgressCalculator`1.LogProgress() : DbCheck
14:47:16 Event -> ProgressCalculator`1.LogProgress() : DbAppTableCheck
14:47:16 Event -> ProgressCalculator`1.LogProgress() : SitesLoad
14:47:16 Event -> ProgressCalculator`1.LogProgress() : ConfigurationSettingsLoad
14:47:16 Event -> ProgressCalculator`1.LogProgress() : DatabaseUpgrade
14:47:16 Event -> DbUpgradeRequestExecutor.() : Processing WEM On-Premise Database Upgrade Upgrade...
14:47:16 Event -> DbUpgradeRequestExecutor.() : Processing Create global parameters table Upgrade...
14:47:16 Exception -> DbUpgradeRequestExecutor.Execute() : There is already an object named 'GlobalParameters' in the database.

What can i do to upgrade the database?

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I've also run into issues when upgrading the WEM database. In my experience you should restore everything back to prior to upgrading the infrastructure servers and try again from scratch. Make sure no one is using the console to make changes and start over:

1. Upgrade infrastructure servers

2. Reboot

3. Run the Configuration Utility on the Infrastructure Servers

4. Run the database upgrade utility (Citrix says you do not have to disable availability groups when upgrading from 1909, but this may be another troubleshooting step). The account performing the upgrade should have syadmin permissions on the SQL server where the database resides.


If all goes well then you can upgrade the console and agents.

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On 3/19/2020 at 5:07 AM, Goumldeke Bruumlnjes said:

GlobalParameters to GlobalParametersBAK and PK_GlobalParameters_IdItem to PK_GlobalParameters_IdItemBAK. Afterwards the upgrade procedure isn't complaining about the object existence. And the upgrade run completly.

Hi, I'm experiencing the same upgrading 1909->1912. 

Can you please clarify statement abvove? Did you rename the tables? I dont see the table PK_GlobalParameters

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