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manageotp not working anymore since upgrade to

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We use the irangers instructions for our MFA to our NetScaler "Citrix Gateway".  After we upgraded from to 12.1..55.18 it broke, we went to and it is still broken.


We are using the AAA.USER expression like was mentioned in the iranger comments but it still won't go to /manageotp anymore.


At this point we don't have any way to enroll new users to use our MFA OTP Citrix Gateway on our NetScaler.


Anyone else figure this one out?  

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I did some implementations on 12.1-55.18 and I also had some upgrades to this version from older one - don't remember the exact  versions but I never got this problem.

I often have troubles with the cache, so the LoginForm is the wrong one and I have to close/reopen the browser or use some in Private BrowerTab.


What do you mean by the iranger AAA.USER EXPRESSION?

The one were you are trying to avoid that a user enrolls more than one device?

What is you error? Do you get a HTTP500 or do you get the "normal" login page with the OTP Passcode?





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