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Internal site that uses internal ADFS server for SSO - Will this work with clientless access on Unified Gateway?

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Hi All,


Hoping someone can help here as i don't seem to be getting very far with Citrix support. We have an internal web site that uses SSO via an internal ADFS server to authenticate users. This works well internally, but i want to publish the URL via Unified gateway and have tried the clientless access option without success.  I can see that when i access the site via the gateway, the url gets flipped to the ADFS server URL but then doesn't do anything else and all i get is the below page and error:


403 - Forbidden: Access is denied
You do not have permission to view this directory or page.


Has anyone does this before or am i missing something in the setup here? Any help welcome.

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Thanks Julian, this doesn't look like what i'm trying to achieve. We actually block ADFS from external access. What i want is to be able to pass the user through to the intranet application. The intranet application already has ADFS working internally, so why can't Netscaler just allow the user through to the app and let the app take care of authentication? I think the issue is that the ADC is reaching the main URL for the app, but the app is then redirecting the user to the ADFS server for authentication and this is why it's failing as the ADC is not handling that redirect for authentication first before being passed back to the app again.  Any other suggestions?

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