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Netscaler http to https redirect , Firewall port and Responder policy

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Hi All,


Question that may have been asked earlier but would request your kind help on this.


The request is to perform an http ---> https redirection using responder policy applied to a VPN gateway vserver 


From a firewall perspective, only rule enabled is from Source:Any to Destn:Gateway IP (public IP)  --Port 443 , teh first query is whether we need to add port 80 as well to this rule for the http traffic to be initiated through to the netscaler ?


The second query being , we have created the following 


Responder action: 


expression: "https://"+HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME+"/vpn/index.html"

Response Status Code:302


Responder policy: 

Undefined-result action: Reset

Expression: HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.EQ("access.mycompany.com") 


Bound the policy to the VPN server 


While testing externally ..I type http://access.mycompany.com , expected to redirect to https://access.mycompany.com/vpn/index.html , this doesnt happen and I do not see a policy hit to the responder policy ?


Would be grateful if you could direct me if 

a) I need to open firewall port to be able to resolve http and 

b) Any changes that I need to do on the responder policy 

c) Any opther method by which I could achieve redirect


Many thanks



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